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Welcome to Theoria!

Theoria offers a learning environment focused on job-oriented training and the
development of practical and ethical skills required to be highly effective and impactful early educators for young children.

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Associates of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education

Certificate Programs

Community Care Licensing Compliant & CDA National Credential Approved


ECE courses

GE courses

Elective Courses

Professional Development

Webinars & Workshops

Weeknight-classes for ECE Units

Check out or list of upcoming weeknight classes. 

Earn ECE units with our 3-4 day weeknight class at Theoria!

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ECE Units Online Programs
  • Our 16-hour weekend or weeknight lectures can be attended via our On-line, live, and interactive classroom (Distance Education) or on-site is a beautiful well maintained, state of the art the training facility. 


  • Our ECE units can be earned in less than 30 days. Depending on each individual students abilities, students can earn ECE units fast. 


  • Our instructors all have formal education and have worked or are currently working in the field of early childhood development.

  • We provide the most up-to-date curriculum. In addition, our curriculum is professionally reviewed and assembled by Early Childhood Professionals, Advocates, and  Industry Leaders.


  • We understand the importance of familiarizing our students with Community Care Licensing Title 22 Rules and Regulations; so we make sure to help prepare students for a successful career in the field of Early Childhood Development.

Early childhood Teacher

ECE-100 Student
(4/3/2022, 2:59 PM)

I am very thankful that the professor has been very energetic and has so many interesting sharing from her rich working experience.

Early childhood Director

ECE-500 Student
(3/27/2022, 4:37 PM)

I like that it was all in one weekend and I don't have worry about driving somewhere far.

Title 22 preschool Instructor

ECE-300 Student
(2/23/2022, 11:11 AM)

This class, and college is very good, and I will definitely be recommending it to any friends or family looking to becoming a


*Our testimonials are anonymous so we receive the most authentic feedback from our students.  The pictures are stock images and do not represent actual students but the quotes are actual quotes from students.

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